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Athlete Evaluation 

 An On Par Performance evaluation will provide the athlete, coach, and/or team with an accurate snapshot of the athletes' current abilities, strengths, and deficits.  

​Available assessments include:

  1. Golf Performance Evaluation   

  2. Athlete Performance Evaluation

  • Take ownership of your game

  • Detailed notes on your physical capabilities 

  • Body type - Swing type match up

  • Customized programs to help you stop pain

  • Progress Tracking 

  • Collaboration with swing and/or tennis coach 

On Par Performance (OPP) offers individualized training programs delivered in-person, hybrid, or remotely through a fitness app.  

Over the last two decades OPP has helped athletes achieve success with a focus on mental and physical preparedness.​

  • Gain 10+ yards and/or 10 mph on your serve 

  • Improve mobility and strength 

  • Stop pain 

  • Increase longevity 

  • Customized programs for your specific needs

  • Collaboration with swing and/or tennis coach

Feel Better and Play Your Best Today

On Par Performance offers clients access to the same recovery modalities that professional athletes and Division-1 athletes utilize to perform at their best. 

  • Assisted Stretching 

  • Manual Therapy ​​

  • Sports/Orthopedic Massage 

  • Compression Garments 

The mission at On Par Performance (OPP) is to help you own your game. Our golf, tennis, and athlete recovery programs will help you improve your athletic ability and longevity. OPP provides clients comprehensive performance evaluations, exercise programs (fitness app), coaching, and athlete recovery services. These programs are designed to ensure our clients are knowledgeable, confident, and prepared to perform feeling their best. 


At OPP we have a wealth of experience coaching athletes from all sports but our primary focus is within golf & tennis (pickleball). 



Valrico, FL.


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