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Do you struggle with stiffness and pain before and after your play? Are you frustrated that your body isn't moving as well as it used to, or pain is limiting your ability to perform? Is it holding you back from playing as frequently as you'd enjoy? 

I talk with help players daily who are stuck suffering with unnecessary pain, stiffness, and frustration because they're told:

You need to stop playing for awhile, "rest" will heal it. Or, "Welcome to getting older - you can expect to hurt everyday now" 

If you are one of these players, a player who is tired of dealing with stiffness and/or pain, On Par Performance can help. 

On Par Performance provides players with a clear plan to increase athletic longevity. 

To do so, you can't just treat the pain, instead we must determine WHY the pain is occurring. Then we put in a plan to address the physical and mental limitations. That’s when you’ll get a long-term solution. 

  • Initial discussion so you can explain what is going on, your history, and how the pain started. 

  • Assess your current physical and emotional state

  • Implement a plan so the player can return to playing at full strength 

  • Players will gain a new understanding of their mental & physical abilities

  • Available services include: Sports Massage, Compression Garments, PNF Stretching

golfer elbow brace.jpg
Recovery Options 

Sleep, nutrition, and hydration are the low hanging fruit when it comes to recovery. First we need to focus on these elements but sometimes we may need more. That's where our recovery services come in. Our proven recovery modalities can help you feel great and play your best.

** Call to inquire about specials for Junior Players**

Sports Massage 

Sports massage on leg

Sports massage helps to increase blood flow, move fluid throughout the body, and increase tissue compliance. Increased tissue compliance allows for improved movement, better joint range of motion, and decreased pain sensation.

PNF Stretching

Physical Therapy Session

PNF stretching can improve your range of motion. It can also boost your muscle flexibility and strength. Increasing your end range of motion will enable you to increase your power, hit the ball farther, or play the game with less risk of injury. 


recovery pump.jpg

Compression garments improve venous return (blood flow) through application of graduated compression to the limbs from distal to proximal. The external pressure created may reduce swelling and reducing muscle soreness.


Valrico, FL.


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